Friday, February 14, 2014

making sarmale

The other day Jonathan and I made sarmale, a traditional Romanian food consisting of rice, onions, and usually pork wrapped up in sour cabbage leaves (think unshredded sauerkraut).  We left the pork out of ours, but they turned out delicious!

First you buy a head of sour cabbage from the piata and separate some of the leaves.

Then you cook up the rice, fry the onions, throw in a few spices, and mix.

Yum... we ate the leftovers just by themselves.
Next you wrap the rice mixture in the cabbage leaves.

Arrange the sarmale in a pot and let cook for a while.

Finally, enjoy!  :)

After dinner, we stuck the pot of leftover sarmale on the windowsill outside so as not to take up so much room in the refrigerator.  The next morning, the pot was still on the windowsill, but the heavy lid was on the ground, right side up.  (??)  We're not sure what kind of creature could lift the lid, but apparently their efforts were not worth their time, as only one sarmale looked like it had been nibbled upon.  Apparently whatever removed the lid doesn't like sour cabbage too much...  No matter: we just reheated them well and enjoyed the leftovers.  :)


  1. Kristy, I enjoyed reading this post! That dish looks very yummy and I got a chuckle out of thinking about you "sharing" your meal with a critter! :) It sounds like you are enjoying Romainan life. :)

    Are you keeping up with the Olympics at all? We are seeing bits here and there. This morning I watched the USA defeat Russia in hockey. That was exciting! :)

    Take care and tell Jonathan I said hello! Oh yes, and thank you for your continued prayers for my family! Their situation has not changed much this week.

    1. Thanks, for your message, Julie! Yes, I am enjoying Romanian life... I guess so much so that I wasn't even aware it was time for the Olympics until the day they started. :) Needless to say, I have not been keeping up with them, though I have always enjoyed them in the past.

      I'm continuing to pray for your family. Take care!


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