Sunday, December 31, 2017

Jonathan and Kristy's update 11/07/2017


The air has gotten cooler, and we are having below-freezing temperatures at night. We are so grateful to have heat in our whole house this winter!

Speaking of cold nights, last Saturday night, we had a bit of excitement. Our doorbell rang at about 2:30 a.m. and kept ringing. When I unlocked our door and went out, there was a man at our gate holding his head. He said he had had an accident right down the road and asked if I could call the emergency number (112). Apparently, he had lost his phone in the car in the accident. He was bleeding from a gash on his head, so I called 112, and invited him to come in and sit down. He told us there was another person involved in the accident, so after he sat for a minute he mentioned that he wanted to go and see how the other person was. I walked down the road with him and there was the other car with some people who were apparently coming from a wedding. Thankfully, they were all fine. What had happened was a horse was in the road, and the cars swerved to avoid it. The guy with the gash on his head lost control of his car. The ambulance came, and I think everyone was fine. God has ways of trying to get people’s attention! May we always keep our eyes on Him!

Marioara from France has gone back to France. I think they are trying to work out the details of coming back to Romania. Please pray that the Lord would bring back the Milos (Meel-oesh) family to Romania.

The other Sunday, our services went unusually well. There was a great quietness in the children’s class and in the teen class. They were very good and attentive. We praise the Lord for that! Afterwards, some teens came in and were very loud and causing trouble, but thankfully the service was finished. I couldn’t get them out of the church building, so Mariana came and got them out with some yelling and I think some ear-pulling. :o)

We often have visitors come into the teen class, or teens who haven’t been there for a long time. Some like to cause trouble, and others seem to come just to hang out and talk with one of their friends who is there. As much as is possible, when there is a moment or two of (relative) silence, I try to share the message from God’s Word with them. It is often difficult, as there are usually distractions about every 30 seconds! This past Sunday, there were several teens that came. Thankfully, after a few of the disruptive ones left, it went pretty well. I was able to talk to several of the guys afterwards, which hasn’t happened for a while. Normally, when I try to talk to them, they get obnoxious and start yelling or being vulgar. It’s helpful when I can actually have a somewhat normal conversation with them! These teens need prayer! Please pray that more would be saved, and that those who are saved would stay away from bad influences and live for the Lord. The teens seem to love music, so we try to sing a lot, and they love learning new songs too. It is encouraging to remember that the Lord uses His Word in people’s hearts, whether it is being preached or sung!

A couple weeks ago, my sister and brother-in-law, Joanna and Bruce, and their kids came for a visit from Germany. It was a wonderful blessing to spend several days with them!

This past week, there was a missions conference at the Tylers’ church. The Tylers are American missionaries, and we help with some of their services. We enjoyed the preaching and fellowship. You can see the attached picture of the missions conference.

Thank you for your prayers for us, especially as our co-workers are in the US for a couple more months. We are blessed to have you as part of our ministry!

In His service,
Jonathan, Kristy, and Cory

Central Missionary Clearinghouse website:

Our field address:
Str. Mare nr. 113/A
Mosnita Veche, Timis 307287

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Jonathan and Kristy's update 10/09/2017

„But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;” I Corinthians 1:27

It seems like this is the time for hurricanes around the world! A couple weeks ago, we had a violent storm come through our area, and we later found out it was a hurricane. We were very fortunate to not have any damage to our house, as many people lost parts of their roofs. A large portion of our fence was damaged, but thankfully, we were able to repair it ourselves. Our shed and our old outhouse (which we were planning to take down) were destroyed, so Ion (Yone), Mariana’s husband, and their son, Alin (Ah-leen), came to take them away with their horse and wagon. At least they will be able to use some of that wood this winter. We are hoping to get a new shed built soon. God has ways of getting people to think about him (hurricanes are one of them!), and the storm gave me the opportunity to witness to our neighbor again. We are very grateful that the Lord kept us safe! Thank you for your prayers for our safety. You may never know sometimes how much we need them! See the attached pictures of some of the damage from the storm, and one of the two rainbows that appeared afterwards, reminding us of God’s promises! You can also visit Kristy's blog to see more pictures and videos: During the Storm and After the Storm.

We had a guest pastor preach at our church a few weeks ago, as he and his wife were in the area. He went around talking to all the Gypsies before the service and telling them to come. We did have several visitors come, and Pastor Remus (Remm-oos) gave a great salvation message. Please continue to pray that the Lord would work in the hearts of the Gypsies here.

Marioara, who is unsaved, came back from France again and said that she never wants to go back. They would like to all move back to Romania, get jobs, and come to church! Please pray that the Lord would work out the details of this. Ion’s (her son) little boy has to be on medication that they are not sure they can get in Romania, so that is a major issue for them. We would love to have them back in our church and serving the Lord!

Sara has been slightly more attentive during some of the teen classes, and we have had several young people come to the teen classes. Last week, two boys, Mario and Dani, were being quite rude and obnoxious before the service. We couldn’t even let them in because they were being so disruptive. Thankfully, the Lord still allows His Word to be heard despite a lot of distractions. We pray His Word will bring forth fruit in the hearts of those that hear it.

Our coworkers, the Freels, are in the US for 3 months so we have a lot more responsibilities in their absence. One issue is that there is not really anyone to guard the building outside during the services to try to keep things relatively quiet. Please pray that the Lord would give us quietness during our services so that His Word can be preached freely.

We had our last school class with the Gypsy children in our church neighborhood and are now planning to start up English classes again at Casa Roffa (Cossa Roffa). We will also be teaching Rebeca and David English every week too. We are grateful for these opportunities to build relationships and share Christ with these children.

We have some exciting news: we are expecting a new addition to our family in March! We would appreciate your prayers for Kristy and our little one during this time.

“Thank you” doesn’t seem adequate to express our gratefulness for your care, support, and prayers for us. We need God’s wisdom, grace, and strength in every moment, and appreciate so much your part in our ministry!

In His service,
Jonathan, Kristy, and Cory

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Jonathan and Kristy's update 09/09/2017

„But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;” I Corinthians 1:27

It is harvest time here for us, and our apple and peach trees gave us an abundant amount this year! We got just a few plums, and no pears. We are hoping, praying, and working for an abundant harvest of souls!

I recently had the opportunity to talk about the Gospel to our elderly neighbor. He complained about the other “repenters” (Christians) in the village not getting along with each other. I explained that we shouldn’t judge others, but we should judge ourselves, because we have all sinned and need God’s forgiveness. He agrees, but does not want to accept Christ. Kristy also had the opportunity to talk to him and another neighbor about our Gypsy church, and the other neighbor seemed interested in coming. One of our other neighbors, Silvia, hadn’t walked by our house for a while as she usually does. When I finally saw her the other day, she said she was sick and in the hospital. She actually talked about God, which she never really did before. Maybe the Lord is opening her heart through this sickness. We pray that God’s light will shine through us to those around us as we seek to bring them to Christ.

Ion (Yone) and his mother Marioara (I’m not even going to try to write that pronunciation!), who came to our church many years ago, came back to Romania from France for a few days. Ion is saved. He said he wants to come back to Romania to stay, and obey God and come to church. That was encouraging to hear, and it was good to see them. Please pray that Ion and his family will come back and follow the Lord.

Sara has been slightly more attentive during some of the teen classes, but continues to hang out with people she shouldn’t. A boy was hanging all over her the other day, and last week she was out walking with another teen boy. Please pray that Sara would give her life to the Lord. She has missed church and our school classes a few times. Several teens have been coming to the teen classes, but most of them end up leaving before we’re done. Sometimes that is actually helpful, as they can be very disruptive. Some of the boys were being rude, making vulgar gestures, yelling, and hitting. We need wisdom, grace, and patience in these situations, and appreciate your prayers for this.

After one of our services the other week, Mariana invited us over to her house for a meal. She said she had been wanting to do this for some time, and we were happy to accept her invitation. :o) We enjoyed the food and had wonderful fellowship.

Many children continue to come to the children’s church classes. The other week, I had over 20 of them, and although they weren’t very well-behaved, they were somewhat attentive and knew answers to the lesson questions at the end. That is always encouraging!

I was able to preach to the adults the other week, as my dad was in Armenia on a missions trip. It is always a blessing to talk with our people and encourage each other in the Lord.

The school classes continue to be well-attended. Last week, some kids were outside making lots of noise, banging on doors and windows. It was distracting, and we would appreciate your prayers that this would stop. This week’s school was much better, and the kids were good.

Please continue to pray that God will give us wisdom in each situation, and that we will be a testimony for Him and follow His leading. We continue to be humbled and honored by your support and prayers for us and the Gypsies!

In His service,
Jonathan, Kristy, and Cory

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Jonathan and Kristy's update 08/08/2017

„But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;” I Corinthians 1:27

Greetings from hot Romania! While the first part of our summer weather was pleasant, this past month has been extremely hot for weeks on end. We cancelled our school class last week because it was 105 degrees!

A few weeks ago, our mayor went out to the Gypsy neighborhood and explained that there are 32 houses built there illegally (including our church building). These houses were built on private land. Some are built over the town water pipes, and others are too close to power lines. In the next 2 years, the mayor is planning to have new houses built (for those that cannot re-build), and destroy all the illegal houses. He will not be rebuilding for those that continue to cause problems of disturbing the peace, or allow their horses to roam around the village, or commit other crimes. We are glad something is being done about the situation, as no one could get legal paperwork because their houses do not have legal contracts. After talking with the mayor, we found out that he is willing to allow us to have a piece of land for our church building, but most likely wouldn’t build a building. We will see what happens.

The teens continue to try our patience. One boy, Valerica, who has been coming to the services occasionally, is often very rude and obnoxious. Last week, he had his phone out and was playing music on it. I asked him several times to put it away, but when I finally told him he would have to leave if he didn’t, then he put it away. Halfway through the teen class, he got it out again and started playing music on it. I told him to leave, and then of course he said he wouldn’t do it again. I kept the phone by me for the rest of the class. Codru (Code-ru), another young boy who is known for his horrible behavior, recently got in a fight. He got hit in the jaw so badly that he broke his jaw and some teeth, and had to be hospitalized. We thought maybe that would teach him to be better-behaved, but unfortunately, he is the same. Sara continues to skip church, and we hear she has been smoking. She is doing poorly in school, doesn’t pay attention during church, and hangs out with girls she shouldn’t be spending time with. Truly, only God can make a lasting change in these people’s hearts and lives through Jesus. Please pray for the young people to turn to the Lord and serve Him.

We had our VBS a few weeks ago, and were very grateful to have a few days of slightly cooler weather for that. Handing out invitations beforehand gave us, as well as Gina, one of our church ladies, chances to witness. The majority of these Gypsies don’t seem to really think or care much about their lives. They just live from day to day doing what they feel like. When confronted with the Gospel, they either simply refuse or make excuses not to put their trust in Christ. Please pray with us that God would work in the Gypsies’ hearts and save them! The children were terrible for the first night of VBS, but the next two nights were much better. I gave the children the opportunity to say the memory verse afterwards, and although many probably forgot about it, one young boy, Mario, did say it, which was encouraging. Attached is a picture of one of the nights of VBS. Only about half of the children are in the picture.

Although there are disappointments in our ministry, it is always encouraging to remember that you are praying for us! Thank you for all of your prayers for us and the Gypsies!

In His service,
Jonathan, Kristy, and Cory

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Jonathan and Kristy's update 07/11/2017

I'm a little behind in posting our updates...  I will be catching up on them over the next few days.

„But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;” I Corinthians 1:27

God is always good, and He is always working whether we see it or not. We often don’t understand what He is doing, but we can trust, knowing that He is always working and is always doing what is best. It seems that when God works and people reject His conviction in their lives, they become hardened, more rebellious, and irrational. Many of the Gypsies in our Gypsy neighborhood have become this way. Things have gotten a lot worse in the past year or so, with a lot of animosity towards us. My phone was stolen a few weeks ago at church, and although we don’t know who stole it, by God’s grace, we recovered it. Ion (Yone), Mariana’s husband, spread the word that the police could track my phone and find out who stole it. I don’t know that that’s possible, but it did get results! :o) A short while later, the phone was found on the ground outside the church building.

Speaking of Ion, he has come to a few services recently. We continue to pray fervently for his salvation, and ask that you do the same.

A few weeks ago, several teens came to the teen class, but all of them ended up leaving. Several of them said they were bored and just left. Yet when I see them hanging around outside and ask how they are, they say they are bored. I guess they like being bored outside better than being bored listening to God’s Word. Shortly after the service started, Mariana left. She called Sara so Sara left the teen class. After the service, there was quite the commotion at Mariana’s house, and the police were coming as we were leaving. We found out later that someone said Sara and an older boy had been intimate. That’s why the police came. Thankfully, it turned out not to be true. However, Sara is not living for the Lord and often skips church. Please pray for Sara to surrender to the Lord. A few weeks ago, no teens showed up for teen class. Another time, Nelu, an unsaved boy came for the service, and afterwards, a young guy, Rafi (Roffy) came. Rafi made a profession of faith years ago. We had a nice time talking to them afterwards. Last Sunday, two came in to the teen class and left after about 10 seconds. Please pray for the teens in our Gypsy neighborhood!

In the warmer weather, we often hold services outside. This gives the advantage of those around hearing the Gospel being preached, but it does have the disadvantage of many distractions. One week, a drunk walked by a few times carrying a large stereo playing loud music. You can see the attached picture. Ministry with the Gypsies is never dull!

On a positive note, Lusi (Lucy) has come a few times, which is encouraging, and we have been having visitors come as well. One of them is a drunk from the village named Michi (Micky). Please pray for Michi’s salvation. We had a guest preacher, who is an American missionary to Bulgaria, come a couple weeks ago, and many came and heard the preaching. Mariana made some “sarmale” (cabbage rolls) for us to enjoy with the American missionary and some men he had brought from his church in Bulgaria. It was an enjoyable time of fellowship, and we were blessed by Mariana’s kindness.

We had a very good and well-attended first week of school with the Gypsy children! We pray that they will continue to be well-behaved and learn to read and write.

We appreciate your prayers for us and the people we are ministering to, and pray that the Lord will bless you for your part in this work!

In His service,
Jonathan, Kristy, and Cory

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

What Postal Service?

Dear Supporters,

Here in Romania, things are often done in the most difficult, complicated, and illogical way possible. This can range from everything from getting health insurance to paying bills. This time we are dealing with the local postal system. To make a very long story short, mail is no longer being delivered to our village. Supposedly, once a month letters will be brought to the local town hall, but the last time this was done, no announcement was given to let people know when it would be, and the mail was left in a pile for people to rummage through. So really, anyone could just take any mail they wanted! We can supposedly go to another town's post office to see if any packages are there, but the last we heard, these also were just accumulating unorganized in a back room, and the postal worker was not willing to go look through the pile to see what was there. So we are requesting that you not send anything to our Romania address until further notice. We are hoping that things will get resolved so that we (and the rest of the village!) can again receive our mail in a timely and efficient manner. Please pray with us to this end, and we will let you know if and when mail delivery has resumed.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

In Christ,
Jonathan, Kristy, and Cory Heisey

Sunday, October 8, 2017

After the Storm

What a mess…

A lovely double rainbow appeared afterwards.

One of the plum trees fell during the storm and apparently hit the apple tree, which was split down the middle of the trunk (or at least, something hit it). So unfortunately, we lost both trees. Thankfully, the harvest was basically over, so we didn’t lose all that fruit.

You might also notice that the outhouse is missing behind the shed. We were going to take it and the shed down in the near future anyway - this just made us move the time frame up a bit. You might have also noticed that toilet paper was strewn around the yard in the first picture.

Thankfully none of the reed panels broke. They were jus tied onto the the metal frames, and the ties broke. So we can remount them. We may have to fill in a few gaps on the ends, as some of the reeds slipped off the ends, but that shouldn’t be a problem, as we have extra. Some of the metal panels bent, but we were able to get them fastened back on at least well enough for now. We could even see the cement posts moving in the wind after the reeds came down!

Corn husks were flying everywhere during the storm - even way up in the sky. Our fence was full of them afterwards. :)

I thought this peach tree was going to come down in the wind, but thankfully, it held on.

Later on, another set of rainbows appeared. They were much larger, but not as full or bright.

The shed lost much of its roof and some of one of the walls.

What’s left of the outhouse is behind the shed on the right, up against the cherry tree. Pieces of the shed’s roof are on the ground.

Eight people died from the storm. Two were in a park when it hit, and a tree fell on them. Many lost parts of their roofs. Thank the Lord for keeping us all safe!

During the Storm

A few weeks ago, a horrific storm went through the area causing lots of damage and the loss of 8 lives.  We were without power for only about 12 hours, thank the Lord, but we didn't get our internet back for nearly a week.  They called it a "hurricane" here, but I'm not sure you can actually have hurricanes far from large bodies of water...   It looked pretty tornado-ish to me, though we don't really get them here.  Anyway, here are some pictures and videos.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jonathan and Kristy's update 06/12/2017

„But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;” I Corinthians 1:27
It often seems as though we are having little impact on the people here. As I have been reading through Acts, it is amazing how thousands of people were getting saved and baptized, and people were turning to the Lord every day, giving their lives to Him and being changed. Although we certainly desire this and pray for it for our Gypsies, we are very grateful to the Lord for every victory, great or small. Thank you for praying for us, and I hope you are encouraged to read some of the victories we’ve experienced these past weeks!
The first encouragement was from two of our church ladies, Gina and Mariana. Our church neighborhood is quite muddy and dusty, so the church floors need to be swept every week. Normally we do it when we get to church. However, one week, Mariana and Gina took the initiative to not only sweep but also mop the auditorium floor. It was a small gesture, yet it was a blessing and encouragement to us!
We had our last English class with the children at Casa Rafa (Cossa Roffa). Though they can be a handful, it is exciting to see them learn, and be able to freely share Christ with them also. We look forward to starting classes again when the next school year starts!
Speaking of school, we are planning to start weekly school classes with the children in the church neighborhood again. They have been asking about it, so I’m glad they are looking forward to it! Please be in prayer for our school classes, that children will come, and especially that they will learn to read and write. Please pray for wisdom for us as well.
A few teens have been coming to the teen classes, but unfortunately, they haven’t been very attentive. Even if they’re not well-behaved, it’s still encouraging to me if they are learning. The last teen class was a little better, and we pray that the teens will come and their attention will improve so they will learn from God’s Word.
The children’s classes are generally well-attended, at least at one point or another! Usually, several will come at the beginning, more will come in during the class, some will leave, etc. I am so often reminded of the phrase from the Bible: “sheep without a shepherd.” They have no direction in life and just do whatever they feel like doing. A couple weeks ago, the children were quite rude and obnoxious, yelling, swearing, and being loud. For most of our church services, it is necessary for someone to stand guard outside because of these children. Please continue to pray that the Lord will work in the children’s hearts.
We praise the Lord that our fence is finished! We are obligated by law to have a fence around our property, so it’s good to be legal now :o) and it does make us feel safer. Thank you for your prayers for our safety.
It was a blessing to have Adi (Oddy) and Lusi (Lucy) come to church again recently. We hope they will continue to come faithfully. It was also a blessing to preach to the adults while my dad was on a missions trip in Armenia. We are always glad for the opportunities the Lord gives to share His Word.
Thank you for all of your prayers for us and the Gypsies. It is a blessing to have you supporting us!
In His service,
Jonathan, Kristy, and Cory

Friday, May 12, 2017

Jonathan and Kristy's update 05/09/2017

„But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;” I Corinthians 1:27
Spring has finally sprung here in Mosnita (Moesh-neetsa)! We are so grateful for warmer days, and although it is still rainy, we have been enjoying more outdoor time. Being out more means more opportunities to connect with our neighbors, and we hope that we will be good witnesses to them and be able to win them to Christ.
Although the children have been learning somewhat at our English classes at Casa Rafa (Cossa Roffa), they haven’t been terribly attentive or well-behaved. But at least they haven’t been complaining about the class recently! Often when they would see us come in, they would moan, “English . . .” with sad faces. They do seem to have a desire to learn; we just hope they put that desire to good use.
On Palm Sunday, there were quite a lot of distractions in our church neighborhood. Many were drunk, so there was lots of yelling and fighting. The police came, the swat team came, and there were even a few ambulances. Life is never dull with the Gypsies! We pray that God will do a mighty work in this neighborhood for His glory!
Speaking of life not being dull, the other week, the field across the street from us was on fire. It wasn’t terribly close to us, but the wind was blowing strongly, and the fire was spreading. I had to call the fire department, and thankfully, they put out the fire. I’ve attached a picture of the fire with the fire truck on its way. We praise the Lord for keeping us safe.
Thankfully, Easter Sunday was the quietest Easter we’ve ever experienced here. Normally Easter is even more of a celebration (and more noisy!) than Palm Sunday, but we were grateful for the quiet.
We have been having new teens come to the teen classes off and on. This past Sunday, they were somewhat more attentive than normal. Several of the older children often want to come to the teen class. If they are almost 11 (the youngest age for the teen class), I normally let them, if they’re well-behaved. Unfortunately, many of them are not well-behaved, and they scream and yell outside, as well as bang on the windows and doors along with some of the other kids. As if this would make us want them in the teen class! These disruptions are a pain and a distraction for our services, and we would appreciate your prayers that they would stop, and that we would have wisdom in these situations.
There were two services recently where no adults came. I don’t ever remember this happening before. Please pray for faithfulness and obedience in those that are saved. We were thrilled that Adi (Oddy) and Lusi (Lucy) came to one of our services recently. We continue to pray that they will come and grow.
We are hoping to have our fence finished this week. I have attached a picture of part of it that is finished.
Thank you for all of your prayers for us and the Gypsies. It is a blessing to have you supporting us!
In His service,
Jonathan, Kristy, and Cory

Monday, April 10, 2017

Jonathan and Kristy's update 04/08/17

After several days of warmer, sunny weather, we have hit another cold, rainy spell. Hopefully the warmer, spring weather will soon come to stay!
Just a few teens have been coming to the teen classes at church. Sometimes most of them don’t pay much attention, but I think God’s truths still get into their heads. They know many of the songs, and I’m trusting that the Lord is working in their hearts through the truths of the songs and His Word being taught. We occasionally see Rebeca around and continue to be burdened for her to turn back to the Lord. Please pray that Rebeca will repent of her sin and live for the Lord. The other week, the teens were being goofy during class, which is better than obnoxious! Some of the children were being very obnoxious though, coming up to the windows and doors and making lots of noise to disrupt the service. I ran out to chase them away, and the teens got a kick out of me running after the kids. It was hard to get serious for the rest of the service after that. :o)
We are grateful to have our fence partly finished! Gina’s brother, Sorin (Sor-een) who is also saved, does construction work and can also build fences. So, after Gina gave me his phone number, I called him and he came to start work on the fence the next day! Sorin and I have had some great Biblical discussions, and have had many opportunities to witness to our neighbors and the workers while they worked on the fence. Please pray that we will be able to finish the fence soon. We are trusting the Lord to work out the details.
While my dad was in Italy for a few days visiting some friends, I had the opportunity to preach to our Gypsy adults. A couple weeks ago when my parents were at a missions conference in Bulgaria, the opportunity to preach came again. It is always nice to fellowship with our people afterwards and hear their struggles and encourage one another. This is when most of our discipleship takes place.
The children at Casa Rafa (Cossa Roffa) have been learning English pretty well. The one week, they were getting ready for a program for Romanian Mother’s Day, so I happened to have both classes together. They were terribly-behaved, but they did have lots of hugs for me. :o)
After Sorin found out that I teach English, he wanted me to teach English to his 9-year-old daughter, Rebeca. Last week was our first week, and David, Gina’s grandson, is joining us too. We’re grateful for this extra opportunity to be a witness for Christ.
Thank you for all of your prayers for us and our Gypsies. We are blessed to have you supporting us!
In His service,
Jonathan, Kristy, and Cory

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Jonathan and Kristy's update 03/08/17

The past few weeks have been eventful, and although times and circumstances constantly change, we are grateful to serve a God Who never changes!
We have had several teens coming to some of the teen classes at church. They aren’t always very well-behaved, but they do seem to enjoy the class. Alin (Ah-leen), Mariana’s saved son, has not been coming to church for a long time. Mariana said he wanted to come to one of the services recently, but his unsaved wife didn’t want him to and called him to her mom’s house instead. Rebeca, who a few months ago said she wanted to turn back to God, has not been to church for a while either. We went visiting in the church neighborhood, and she was hanging out with the unsaved married guy she had been hanging out with before. I told her we’ve been waiting for her to come to church. Please pray specifically for the saved young people to come to church, to grow spiritually, and to follow the Lord and His Word.
Ana (Onna), one of the older unsaved ladies who comes to church, had a scare when she could hardly breathe. She has asthma and other health problems. Her unsaved husband, Nica (Neeka), also has many health problems, and he was in the hospital. God is working in Ana’s heart, and we pray that she will understand the Gospel and receive Christ as her Savior.
Cristina, a saved lady from the village who sometimes comes to our services, had been studying with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. After several unsuccessful tries of us showing her their unbiblical, false teachings, she finally seems to be coming around. After one of our services, we got to talking about how Jesus is God and equal with God, although He is God’s Son. The Jehovah’s Witnesses say that Jesus is a god, and is less than God the Father. Cristina recognized that that is false. It is exciting to see God opening eyes to His truths!
One of the saved ladies from our church who recently got baptized, Ica (Eeka), got very sick. After a few weeks of being in the hospital in intensive care, she has gone to be with her Savior. The unsaved man she was living with, Marcel (March-el), says that he wants to get saved. God is working in his heart. I was able to preach for the adults at our service while my parents were in Israel. Afterwards, I went with Marcel to see Ica in the hospital, and had some good talks about the Gospel with him. Please pray with us that Marcel will get saved.
Our weekly English classes with the children at Casa Rafa (Cossa Roffa) have been going well. Normally the younger class I teach is better behaved. The other week, we had such a great time during our class. Afterwards, the kids wanted to sing our John 3:16 song from church, so we ended up singing a couple songs. Please enjoy the pictures of the two classes I teach.
We have an interesting twist in our fence saga. While looking around for someone to build us a fence, I found out that in order to build a fence here, one needs a TON of paperwork. I looked into it a bit, and it seems like quite a hassle. After searching through all of our house and land paperworkI found that we actually have the necessary paperwork for building a fence, praise the Lord! It is not the type of fence we were planning to have, but it would work well. Unfortunately, the people I contacted about building it gave a quote much higher than we were expecting. Thank you for your prayers for this need, and please continue to pray that the Lord would provide a good fence for us.
The children’s classes at church have been pretty random lately, sometimes with many children, sometimes with just a few, sometimes starting out with a bunch but then many of them leaving. Even so, as we faithfully share the Word with them, we pray that the children will understand God’s truths and apply them in their lives.
We are so grateful for your prayers for us and our Gypsies. Thank you for serving with us!
In His service,
Jonathan, Kristy, and Cory

Monday, March 13, 2017

Jonathan and Kristy's update 02/07/17


This is an election year here in Romania, and unfortunately, the socialist party won the vote. During the middle of the night, they passed a bill making it unpunishable to take up to about $48,000. This was done to exempt certain politicians from having legal action taken against their corrupt deeds. There have been many protests in the larger cities in Romania, and they have been the largest protests since the fall of communism. We hope and pray that the Lord will change the hearts of those leading our country that they will make wise decisions and lead our country in a good direction.
In our last prayer letter, we mentioned how random the young people are, and how we just never know what they will do or say from one minute to the next. We are grateful that several teens have been coming to the teen classes lately! This past Sunday, there were ten, and they were fairly well-behaved. After we were finished with the class, I said that we could sing another song if they wanted to, and they did. They continued to want to keep singing, and we must have sung about 10 songs! We are praying that these truths that they sang will remain in their minds and work in their hearts.
Gina, one of our saved ladies, asked us to pray for her son, Adi (Oddy), and his wife, Lusi. They have not been coming to church, and we trust that the Lord will work in their hearts and bring them back to Him. Gina’s unsaved husband, Ion (Yone), has not come to our church services in years. However, he has just started studying with some Jehovah’s Witnesses that come to their house. Gina has tried to show Ion how their doctrine is not according to the Bible, and we are praying that Ion will understand the true Gospel and receive Christ as His Savior.
The other week during my children’s class, all but 3 children left the class. Thankfully, the ones that stayed were attentive and learned! During a later children’s class, about 12 children came, and all but 2 left! So many times while working with the Gypsies, the phrase from the Bible comes to my mind: they are “as sheep without a shepherd.” They wander here and there, following their feelings, lusts, and desires, and they need God’s grace and leading in their lives. Please pray for spiritual maturity in our saved Gypsies, that they will follow the Lord faithfully.
Among other news, it is that time of year when we have to pay our government mandated health insurance here. Although it is cheap compared to US insurance, it has about doubled in price in the past 3 years. Unfortunately, paying for health insurance here is a long, complicated nightmare. First, we have to go to the health insurance office to the information desk to see what paperwork we need. Then we have to go to the finance office with the necessary paperwork and pay for the insurance. When we went to pay, it took us over 3 hours from the time we left the house to the time we got back! We attempted to go to the health insurance office with our receipt and renew the health insurance (which is the next step in the long, complicated process), but by the time we got there about 11 a.m., they had already given out all of their 110 numbers for the day . . . by 8:10 a.m.! They don’t even open until 8:15! So, we will have to go another day to the health insurance office, probably very early, just to get a number to get in hopefully before 1:30 p.m. when they close.
Our property has been surveyed, and I contacted a few people about building us a fence. We are hoping someone will come soon to measure and give us a quote. Thank you for praying for this need, and please continue praying. There continue to be more thefts in our area, some with chainlink-type fences being cut by the thieves. We have a small, temporary chainlink fence around part of our property, and are very grateful for the Lord’s protection and safety.
Thank you for your interest and part in our work among the Gypsies. We are encouraged and blessed to have you behind us!
In His service,
Jonathan, Kristy, and Cory

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Jonathan and Kristy's update 01/16/17

It is incredible how fast 2017 has arrived! It doesn’t seem possible that a whole year has gone by since last January, but it is comforting to remember how the Lord worked and was with us in all that we did.
We spent the New Year with my sister, Joanna White, and her family in Germany. We had a wonderful few days together and were blessed to be able to spend time with them. As missionaries, it is a rare thing to be able to spend time with relatives. It is nice that we are somewhat “close” to Joanna and Bruce and can spend time with them a few times a year.
It is sad sometimes to see how random the young people are. You just never know what they will do or say from one day to the next. A couple months ago, Rebeca had expressed a desire to come back to the Lord, and yet she has only come to church twice since then. She did come to one of the services while we were in Germany. Sara and a young girl named Mioara (Mee-wara) came to one of the teen classes a few weeks ago. Mioara is rather slow, and very rarely pays any attention to the lessons. This was the case during the teen class; however, Sara said that Mioara wanted to get saved. I doubted Mioara understood much if anything about salvation, or that she genuinely wanted to make a decision for the Lord, since she wasn’t even paying attention. I told her to keep coming and learning from the Bible so that she could understand these things. Sara said she would explain things to her, and I am glad for Sara’s zeal. Speaking of random, we do get new teens that come every once in a while, and we’re always glad for those that are hearing God’s Word.
A couple weeks ago, right before we were going to start our teen class, I noticed the chimney in the teen room was burning. Needless to say, this caused quite the excitement, and took over an hour to completely put out the fire. Part of the ceiling of the teen room was destroyed, and some repairs will have to be made; but we are grateful the building didn’t burn down!
After one of the services the other week, Gina, one of the saved ladies, invited us to her house. We had a lovely time visiting, and of course, she had to feed us. :o) Cory was excited to play with Gina’s grandson, and we were grateful for the time we could spend with them. Often these informal times are the most beneficial for discipleship. It is a blessing to see the Lord working and teaching through these informal times we spend together.
We plan to have our property surveyed in order to have someone come measure to give us a quote for a fence. There have been more robberies in our area at houses with metal wire or chainlink fences being cut, so we will be looking at sturdier options. Praise the Lord, someone gave some money towards a fence for us, and we trust the Lord will continue to provide.
The children were not particularly paying attention during the children’s class on Sunday. However, one little boy, Leo (one of the cutest kids ever), was sitting very nicely, and sometimes even with a smile on his face. He was absolutely adorable, but I wasn’t sure if he was understanding much, as he is pretty little and doesn’t usually talk. At the end of the lesson, I played a review game with the children, and Leo seemed to know the answers to the questions better than anyone! I had hardly ever heard him talk before, and he was spouting off answers! Needless to say, he made my day. :o)
Although the people we minister to can be very random and unpredictable, we are so glad to know that you are always praying for us. Thank you for your part in our lives and ministry!
In His service,
Jonathan, Kristy, and Cory
P.S. Enjoy the picture of our time in Germany. :o)