Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Jonathan and Kristy's update

Sometimes it is mind-boggling how quickly another month passes. We are so grateful for all the Lord has done this past month, as well as for your faithful prayers.
We are happy to report that Kristy is doing much better. At her postpartum doctor’s visit, the doctor said that she is healing well. He was thrilled to see Cory, and said that if we come again, we need to bring Cory too. :o) The Lord has blessed Cory with good health for which we are grateful. We do believe he has a tied lip, and are planning to see a dentist about this in a few weeks. We have attached a recent photo of Cory.
There have been lots of children coming to the children’s classes at church. They were very excited to hear about our Bible school program. Our theme was the armor of God. Bible school went quite smoothly and was well-attended. There were children, as well as adults and teens, and I think the adults enjoyed the puppets as much as the children! :o) Everyone was well-behaved, so thank you for praying! It was good to be able to talk to some of the teen boys that came, as they haven’t been coming to the teen classes at church. Many heard the Gospel during the 3 days of Bible school, and we pray that the Lord will use His Word that was planted in their hearts. Many of the children said the memory verse on the last day, and it was encouraging to see they had learned something. We praise the Lord also for the ladies in the church that were willing to help out with Bible school. We have attached a picture of some of the children helping me with the memory verse during Bible school.
There have been some teens that have come to the teen classes recently, which has been a blessing. Rebeca continues to come off and on, and there were some boys that came also. They paid attention very well, which was thrilling to me! They are generally not used to sitting in a class and listening to someone trying to teach them something. Many times, they come and either talk to each other, leave after 2 minutes, or are just totally not paying attention. It is exciting to see them listen and learn the truths of God’s Word! Please pray for the teens in Mosnita (Moesh-neetsa).
Thank you for praying for our trip to Bucharest to get Cory’s report of birth abroad and passport from the American Embassy. We went to the Embassy, put in our paperwork and signed in front of the consulate, and in a few days we should receive the report of birth and passport in the mail! While we were in Bucharest, we stayed with some dear missionary friends of ours who also have a Gypsy church. We had such a blessed time of fellowship and refreshment with them. Cory did very well traveling also, and slept for most of the flights. Praise the Lord for a smooth trip and a wonderful time of fellowship! Please continue to pray for us as we start the process of getting Cory’s Romanian residence permit.Often government workers are not kind or very helpful, which only makes the process harder. Please pray that it will go quickly and smoothly, and that we will be dealing with friendly, helpful people.

We also ask you to pray for our reading classes, which we are planning to start up again next week. Two ladies who recently got saved showed an interest in learning, so we hope they will come and learn.
Thank you for your continued faithful prayers for us and the Gypsies in Mosnita! We are blessed to have you as helpers in the work here!

In His service,
Jonathan, Kristy, and Cory

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