Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Jonathan and Kristy's update 10/9/2016

„But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;” I Corinthians 1:27
Sometimes it amazes me how much gets packed into one month of our lives. Thank you for your part in God’s work among the Romanian Gypsies!
The most difficult age for people to live for the Lord seems to be the teen years. Very few teens have been coming to our services, but we are grateful for those that come! It seems whenever I see a group of them and go over to talk to them or invite them to church, they disperse. It’s almost comical, although it’s sad at the same time. Sara continues to come faithfully, so that is encouraging. Two girls came who hadn’t come for a while. Although they didn’t really pay attention, I’m glad they came. We heard that Rebeca is in a relationship with an older guy who is known for being a “bad boy.” This guy already has a wife and child, but he apparently likes Rebeca. We believe this is the reason for Rebeca’s distance, and for her ignoring us. Please pray that the Lord would get ahold of her heart.
After being beaten by her “man” and harassed by the neighbors, Ica (Eeka) decided she had had enough. She went back to her home village. However, she returned after a few weeks, saying that she felt bad for her man, Marcel (March-ell). The two are not married, so in that sense, it was better that she had left. Now that she is back, she is dealing with the typical issues of being made fun of for getting baptized and becoming a “repenter,” as well as children throwing rocks and bricks at their house. Thankfully, she is feeling a little better, but please pray for strength and steadfastness for Ica as she deals with oppression from the unsaved. Please also pray that Marcel would receive Christ as his Savior. We have talked at length with Marcel about the Gospel and know that the Lord is working.
The children continue to amaze, and disappoint us. Often, most of the children leave the children’s class at church before the lesson even starts. Thankfully, the ones who stay are usually very attentive, and answer review questions at the end of the lessons. After one of the classes, a few of the girls wanted to sing a Christian chorus that they knew. The children often want to help hold the songs we sing, or help with the lesson pictures. It’s great when they are involved (as long as they behave :o) ), as they tend to not leave! During my lesson about Jesus being condemned to death, three of the girls were very tender hearing about His suffering. They were anxious to hear the rest of the story of how He was crucified. The next week when I taught about the crucifixion, they were not quite as thrilled, but it was good to see them thinking somewhat seriously about the lesson. Please continue to pray that the Lord would work in the hearts of the children!
Lusi did come to one of the services recently, but Adi (Oddy) has not. Gina, Adi’s mother, said to pray for Adi and Lusi that they will think about the Lord.
The school classes have had fewer attending recently, but it’s often easier to handle fewer of them. It is so exciting seeing them learn the letters, and to see some of them reading! What an amazing gift God has given us to be able to read His Word!
We appreciate all your prayers for us and the Lord’s work here. May God bless you as you serve Him and take part in this ministry to the Gypsies!
In His service,
Jonathan, Kristy, and Cory

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