Sunday, October 8, 2017

After the Storm

What a mess…

A lovely double rainbow appeared afterwards.

One of the plum trees fell during the storm and apparently hit the apple tree, which was split down the middle of the trunk (or at least, something hit it). So unfortunately, we lost both trees. Thankfully, the harvest was basically over, so we didn’t lose all that fruit.

You might also notice that the outhouse is missing behind the shed. We were going to take it and the shed down in the near future anyway - this just made us move the time frame up a bit. You might have also noticed that toilet paper was strewn around the yard in the first picture.

Thankfully none of the reed panels broke. They were jus tied onto the the metal frames, and the ties broke. So we can remount them. We may have to fill in a few gaps on the ends, as some of the reeds slipped off the ends, but that shouldn’t be a problem, as we have extra. Some of the metal panels bent, but we were able to get them fastened back on at least well enough for now. We could even see the cement posts moving in the wind after the reeds came down!

Corn husks were flying everywhere during the storm - even way up in the sky. Our fence was full of them afterwards. :)

I thought this peach tree was going to come down in the wind, but thankfully, it held on.

Later on, another set of rainbows appeared. They were much larger, but not as full or bright.

The shed lost much of its roof and some of one of the walls.

What’s left of the outhouse is behind the shed on the right, up against the cherry tree. Pieces of the shed’s roof are on the ground.

Eight people died from the storm. Two were in a park when it hit, and a tree fell on them. Many lost parts of their roofs. Thank the Lord for keeping us all safe!

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