Wednesday, January 29, 2014

more wedding pictures

More fun wedding pictures that my sister took!


My coworker made this card box for us to use.

Leslie was our official photographer.

love this one...

...and this one, too!

one of my favorites

Uncle Ross prayed during the ceremony.

This picture just captures so many things.

"What am I supposed to do again?"

Wish I knew what they were talking about...

"Okay, let's go over it one more time..."

this one makes me smile :)

love these pictures of my sister and grandma

so pretty

yummy cheesecakes!

traditional Pittsburgh cookie table

Dave did our live streaming for us.

love this one

wonder what they were looking at...

love this series of pictures...

love this series of pictures with my grandma...


  1. Thanks so posting this. Wish we could have been there!

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful bride and handsome groom.....and a lovely family! I thoroughly loved looking at them, Kristy!!!! Praying for you two!!


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