Wednesday, March 19, 2014

welcome! (part 1)

Welcome!  Finally I am getting around to posting pictures of my home.  We're going to start with a tour of the inside since the outside isn't completed yet, but first I have to post a couple pictures of what's been done so far on the exterior!

as of this week!
I'll post more outside and exterior pictures at a later time, but right now let's go inside.  To begin with, we'll start with the basic layout.

Our house is one-and-a-half stories.  The downstairs is illustrated in the following diagram:

The front door is actually located on the side of the house as you're facing it from the street.  This has proven quite confusing on many occasions, as we sometimes refer to that as the front of the house, making the opposite side the back, and sometimes we refer to the street side as the front.  Oh well...

A central hall runs down the middle of our house with rooms on either side of it.  The living room, kitchen, and bathroom are on the right side, the unfinished room (which will probably be the guest room) and bedroom are on the left side, and the pantry and stairs leading up to the attic are at the end.

the hall as the previous owner had it
going upstairs
looking down the steps
They are very narrow and shallow -
"mortal" as one man put it.  :)
Upstairs are two long rooms that pretty much run the length of the house.  One composes about 2/3 of the attic, and the other about 1/3.  We're hoping to someday put a couple of rooms and a bathroom up there.

the attic as the previous owner had it
the main room of the attic - I often hang our laundry up here

this is on the other side of the dividers
we'd like to put a bathroom in here someday
a view out back from the balcony
This completes the first part of your welcome tour.  Thank you for joining us!  Stay tuned for more pictures of the (finished!) downstairs rooms!

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