Monday, July 14, 2014

a holiday in Serbia!

Some missionary friends of ours in Serbia invited us to visit them in Belgrade for the 4th of July.  We had a lovely time with their family and got to see a lot of cool sites!

This view was just a stone's throw from their house and up a hill.  Beautiful, isn't it??

From there we climbed this to this tower and toured it.

It had some awesome views, too!

the Danube!

Our hotel was just a few blocks from our friends' house, and was also right across the street from the Danube.  So the next morning we took a stroll along the river.  It was a gorgeous day!

On our way back to their house, we walked through the local piata.

Next our friends took us to downtown Belgrade, where we did a little shopping and walking around.  It is a very pretty city!

Eventually we wound up at this fort.  Parts of it were built in the 1400s!

"Inner Stambol Gate Built Around 1750"

Some military equipment was also on display.
These tunnels were excavated so that you could see what they looked like back when the Romans were in power!

This tower was built in the 1400s!

We had a lovely time in Belgrade, visiting with our friends and enjoying the sites.  And we were very excited to find an ice cream stand downtown that sold absolutely delicious 100% natural, sugar-free ice cream along with gluten-free cones!  We were just about in heaven, and had some both on our way to the fort and on our way back to go to lunch.  Yum!!!!  What a treat!  It's a good thing we don't live in Belgrade or we might visit that stand a little too often.  :)


  1. Now why didn't I ever think of that? Going to Serbia for the 4th of July? Genius! Do they know about hot dogs, potato salad and jello? ;-)
    Pictures are absolutely amazing, can't imagine touching something from the 1400's - you wonder about the people that lived when it was built and what their lives were like. And all who came after...
    We in the US are so blessed today, even with the world being so topsy-turvy. Running water, Q-tips, instant cheesy grits, AC, toothpaste and heating pads are all really good things! Can't imagine not knowing how to read or not having a Bible (or 5) of my own. Blessed! and in my case, spoiled too.

    1. Thanks for the comments, Robin! Well, we didn't have hot dogs and potato salad, but our friends did take us to an American 50's-style diner for lunch on the 4th! We had some great hamburgers and sandwiches there!


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