Monday, July 7, 2014

vampire preventative!

We do live in Romania... you know, the land of Dracula and vampires.  So perhaps it's a good thing that earlier this year we discovered random bunches of garlic growing all around our back yard.  ;-)  Apparently, unbeknownst to us, the previous owner had planted it, and when the drainage field was dug for our septic tank, the garlic ended up being churned about with the dirt, as well.  As they were growing we would occasionally pick the leaves and chop them up like green onions in whatever we were cooking.  But last week Jonathan decided that he didn't want to have to mow around them anymore: it was time for them to come out!  I looked up online to see how to tell when they were ready to harvest, and sure enough, it was getting to be about that time.  We shoveled and pulled and yanked and dug, and after a while, we had a nice big bundle of garlic!

A few of the cloves had to be used right away since they'd gotten damaged when we were digging them up, but the rest I braided and hung in the shed to (hopefully) dry.  The bulbs weren't huge, as it was still on the early side for harvesting them, but I'm sure we will enjoy having them this fall and winter!

And of course we won't have to worry about vampires for a while now, either...  :)


  1. you know how late I always am with email and such - well I finally saw the one from your mom about this!

    I've got 4 dogs staring at me wondering what's wrong with me - laughing till tears running down my cheeks!

    Just shows God is looking after you! :-D


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