Friday, October 17, 2014

dust bowl 2014

It was rumored that our street was going to be paved sometime this year.  This was wonderful news, as unless there had been a good rain within the past day or two, any time a vehicle went by our house, dust would poof up behind it.  Thankfully, most vehicles didn't move too quickly since the road was dirt and deeply rutted.  But over time, our windows and house exterior would get incredibly dusty, making it pretty pointless to wash them, as within a short time they would be coated once again.

However, a couple weeks ago, stones were laid on our road.  It wasn't paved, but at least there would be no more swerving and bouncing along on our road once the pavement stopped!  Little did we know that instead of having poofs of dust behind the vehicles, there would now be clouds of it!  Small clouds if a car is going by; billows of dust if it's a truck.

our yard when it's clear...
...and after a car goes by
Our coworkers are on furlough for a few months, and they graciously are allowing us to use their car while they're gone.  Now, since they smoothed our road, Jonathan has to wipe off the car nearly every time we use it, because of all the dust that collects on it.  If we're outside and hear a vehicle coming, we have to quickly run in or else be overtaken by a cloud of dust.  Everything is coated from the grass to the mailbox to the windows.  Since the wind generally blows towards our house from the road, we tried parking the car in the field across the street; however the neighbor lady told us that it would likely get broken into if we kept it over there.  So it's back in our driveway, lovely shades of brown mingled in with the red.

since yesterday
the mailbox on our gate
BUT!  We are *hoping* that with the presidential elections coming up soon that our road might get paved.  Often the candidates will do these types of things in order to sway voters.  We can't vote... but maybe if we mention it to someone at the primarie*... maybe, just maybe, our road will get paved sooner rather than later.

Or maybe not.  Perhaps we'll just have to pray for frequent rains.  Or try watering the road.

the pavement stops just a few feet before our house
*town hall

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