Tuesday, October 21, 2014

pounds of pumpkin

While Jonathan and I were at the piata* a couple weeks ago, we walked by a lady selling bags of fresh, already-shredded pumpkin.  Each bag was 1 kilogram (about 2 pounds) and cost a whopping 2 lei - around 60 cents.  We bought all that she had shredded, which was about 12 pounds, and brought it home to freeze.  (Did I mention that it's already shredded?!?)  All I have to do is thaw a bag, pop it in the blender with a few other ingredients, and voila! - a fresh, pumpkin pie all ready to be baked!

12 pounds of freshly shredded pumpkin

Okay, so I have to make a crust, too.  But the recipe I use makes enough for 3 crusts, so I often have those in the freezer, too.  :)  We'll be able to eat pumpkin for quite a while!  Yum!!


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