Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jonathan and Kristy's February Prayer Letter

It has been a blessing to have slightly warmer weather these past couple of weeks. The temperatures have been staying above freezing for the most part, and all the snow is gone.

There have been some teens coming to the teen classes at church. The one evening after class, they wanted to sing some more. We ended up singing quite a number of songs. They do love to sing! Hopefully the messages of these songs will go to their hearts. During another of the teen classes, 6 boys came and they were all amazingly well-behaved. They asked relevant questions, and answered review questions well at the end.

It is exciting seeing the children at Casa Rafa learning English. They are picking things up and remembering words. They had fun trying to act out animals and guess the names in English. It was cute to hear them say, "Keeken" (chicken) and "Duke" (duck).

Several years ago, my family started a church with some Gypsies in Jebel (Jeb-ell), a town about 40 minutes away. They basically all went to France, so we hadn't seen them for quite a while. Recently, they contacted us, as they had returned from France for a bit, and wanted to have a church service with us. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with them, and it was a blessing to find out that almost the whole main family had gotten saved!

After one of our services here in the village, we were discussing some of the beliefs of the Pentecostals, and what the Bible has to say on some of those issues. It was encouraging to see the adults’ and teens’ interest in what God has to say.

Although the children's classes have been going relatively well, often several children will hang around outside, and try to unplug the cord to the generator. Normally someone has to stand outside and guard things. Please pray for them to stop disrupting the services.

Ion (Yone) has been doing an excellent job reading. This last class, he did the best he has ever done, and picked up on things he has never picked up on before. Please continue to pray for his salvation. Mariana, whom we are also doing reading classes with, came to church the other evening. Thank you for praying for her also.

Our latest doctor's visit went well. Kristy had some blood work done, and there was a positive result of a type of parasitic infection which can be problematic for the baby. There is a possibility that the infection is from a while ago though (before the pregnancy), in which case there would be no problem. We are scheduled to do some more blood tests a week from Monday to see if it is an old infection. Please pray with us that the tests will indicate that the infection is clearly from before the pregnancy.

I never thought I would say this, but we had several blessings getting our Romanian health insurance for the year. I was able to put Kristy on my policy, so we didn't have to pay extra for her. We weren't able to get one of the notarized documents that we needed, but thankfully it was not a problem at the insurance office. Things went unusually quickly and smoothly, and we didn't even have to go back in to get the official paper stating we are insured. They just put it right into the system!

My parents are in Germany for two weeks, helping take care of the grandchildren, as Joanna is going to a reading primer conference, and Bruce will be working. Please pray for us as we take care of the ministry and things here for them, and as we prepare for our trip to the States on March 19th.

We are encouraged and blessed to have you behind us and to know you are praying for us!

In His service,
Jonathan and Kristy Heisey

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