Thursday, April 2, 2015

Jonathan and Kristy's March Prayer Letter

„But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;” I Corinthians1:27
We had a wonderful blessing at the beginning of March. Adi (Oddy), Gina’s son, came to church with some good news: he received Christ as his Savior! Please pray for Adi to come to church faithfully and to grow in his walk with the Lord.
At the end of February, my parents went to Germany for a couple weeks to help take care of the grandchildren while Bruce worked and Joanna helped with a literacy conference. Our co-worker, Nathan Freel, and I took turns preaching, and we all took turns teaching the children’s classes. For one of the children’s classes, the kids were not very well-behaved at the beginning, but they answered review questions well. It is encouraging to see them learn, even if they are not always on their best behavior. :o) Even some of the ones that don’t usually answer actually answered questions. There have been new people coming to the services also, and we rejoice that they can listen to God’s Word, and we pray that they will be saved.
Sometimes others will come in and listen to Ion’s reading class. I hope it will grow a desire in them to learn to read, so they can read the Bible. Ion is improving in his reading. Please continue to pray for his salvation.
Kristy’s most recent test results indicated that the infection was at least a few months old. The doctor was not 100% sure that it is from before the pregnancy, but we are fairly certain it is. Because there are serious risks associated with more testing to see if the baby has been infected, as well as risks of the treatment used if further tests are positive, we believe the Lord would have us not do anything further. Everything seems to be fine, and the doctor will keep an eye on the baby. Thank you for your prayers for Kristy and the baby.
March 19th, we left for the States. The day before we left, we found out that there was a pilot strike, and one of our flights was cancelled. This meant we had to get an early morning flight, getting up at 3:30 a.m. It was a long trip (almost 30 hours total), but praise the Lord, everything went well. Thankfully, although Kristy does get tired easily, we didn’t really have problems with jetlag.
Our first Sunday in the US, we presented our ministry to a group of people from Metowers, a senior citizens apartment building. We had a nice time of fellowship, and they seemed to enjoy learning about our ministry. We went to visit an elderly lady there that Kristy knew who had done mission work in a few different countries years ago, and she was beside herself with joy that we came to visit her. :o)
The next Sunday, we had a meeting with our home church, Mount Zion Baptist Church inDenverPA. We had good services, and it was such a blessing to spend some time with the people there. We had a wonderful time of fellowship.
Your prayers are much appreciated as we minister here in the States for a little while. Please pray that the Lord would meet our needs while we are here, and that we will be a blessing. We are encouraged and blessed to have you behind us and to know you are praying for us!
In His service,
Jonathan and Kristy Heisey

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