Thursday, March 8, 2018

Jonathan and Kristy's update 3/6/2018


Thank you for your prayers for us these past weeks. We are all doing well. We had our coldest weather this past week, as it got down to -2 F. Thankfully, this week is supposed to be warmer, with no more below-freezing temperatures.

Our Tuesday night Bible studies continue to go very well. I’ve been doing some special music sometimes for them, and we’ve been enjoying the fellowship and opportunities for discipleship and spiritual growth. We’ve been discussing a lot about the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ beliefs through our studies, and there are so many verses that show that a lot of their beliefs are false. Gina’s daughter is studying with the Jehovah’s Witnesses (she doesn’t live in the country), so Gina appreciates having these verses to give to her daughter and hopefully help her see the truth. Lusi (Lucy) attended our last Bible study, which was great. She learns spiritual truths quickly, and we pray that she will come faithfully and grow in the Lord.

The teens have been pretty awful. There have been a lot of them coming, but most of the time, one or more people are talking or laughing through the whole class. There is just no order in the class, and we often have to send some of them out. Thankfully, this last Sunday, it went very well. There were few distractions, so that was a wonderful blessing. We played a game afterwards and I’ve never seen them play so well. Normally fighting breaks out after about 5 seconds of a game! :o) It was a very pleasant surprise, and I hope it happens again! The attached picture is from one of our teen classes. The picture only shows about half the teens that were there.

Mariana, one of our faithful ladies in the church, has been told she has to move very soon; probably in the next few days. The person who owns the property their house is on wants to build on it or sell it. I think part of their property is also on state-owned land, and the street is supposed to be where part of their house is. Please pray that God would provide a place for them close to the church.

The school classes with the children have been well-attended, and slowly but surely, the children are learning. It is exciting to see them grasp things!

We would appreciate your prayers as we get ready for Baby’s arrival! Thank you for your interest and prayers for us and our ministry, and for helping to give God’s Word to the Gypsies in Romania!

In His service,
Jonathan, Kristy, and Cory

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