Friday, May 25, 2018

Jonathan and Kristy's update 04/09/2018


„But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;” I Corinthians 1:27


We are so glad that spring has finally arrived! :o) We missed the sunshine, and are reminded by its warmth of God’s light that shines in our hearts. Thank you for praying for us as we seek to be lights for Him to those around us!

Our most exciting news is the birth of our newest family member, Marci Jo Heisey! She was born on March 19th, weighing 7.1 pounds, and measuring 20 inches long. Baby and Mother are doing well. We are in the process of trying to get the birth certificate, after which we will need to go to the American Embassy in Bucuresti to get her passport and report of birth abroad. After that, we begin the process of getting her Romanian residence permit/visa. The latter is normally a very unpleasant and difficult experience, so we would appreciate your prayers for us as we get all of these documents! Please pray that God would give us wisdom, safe travels, friendly and helpful people to deal with, and that all would go smoothly.

We were so blessed to have Kristy’s parents with us for a week and a half right after Marci was born. Grandpa and Grandma were a big help, and we greatly enjoyed our time together. The grandfathers did a baby dedication for our two children, which was very special. We were sad to see the grandparents leave, and Cory is especially missing them being here. Leaving family can be one of the hardest sacrifices missionaries make, but in the end, it will all be worth it! We will all be together one day in heaven, and we wouldn’t trade God’s blessings and peace for anything else!

We continue to see family members come to our weekly in-home Bible studies. Mariana’s two children, Lola and Alin (Ah-leen), who made a profession of faith years ago and were baptized, have come to the Bible studies, and we pray that God would turn their hearts back to Him.

A number of teens have been coming to the teen classes. We often have a game/activity afterwards, and thankfully, it hasn’t been too chaotic. A couple weeks ago, the teens were very quiet and attentive. Hopefully we’ll see more of those kinds of weeks! I continue to share the Gospel with them as directly as I can. Rebeca also came to the teen class last week. Please pray that more young people would be saved, and that those that are saved would live for the Lord. I have been able to have somewhat normal conversations with a few of the teens, which is an improvement from barely being able to say, “Hi” without them either yelling or ignoring me. Mariana says that they are worse than people who live in the jungle! I think she’s right! :o) But we’re grateful for improvements!

We celebrated our Easter this past Sunday. Gina and Mariana made sarmale (sar-mahl-eh [cabbage rolls]) and chicken salad for us in exchange for some American desserts my mom made for them. Gypsies make the best sarmale, and we thoroughly enjoyed them!

Thank you for praying for us and our ministry, and for your support as we give God’s Word to the Gypsies in Romania!

In His service,

Jonathan, Kristy, Cory, and Marci
P.S. Enjoy the family picture, and also a picture of a recent teen activity!

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