Thursday, April 3, 2014

Immigration office - update to Urgent Prayer Request

Dear praying friends,

This morning, we left around 8:00 to pick up our translated marriage certificate, and to take all of the necessary documents into the immigration office. We picked up the certificate, and took everything to the immigration office. The lady there was nice, but mentioned something about our land deed being a few months old (the deed is only officially good for 30 days). She also told us that our bank statement from the States (as proof of income) could not just be a printed out bank statement, but needed to have an official bank stamp and signature. I asked if I could give them a bank statement from my bank here in Romania with a stamp and signature. She said that was fine. So, off to the bank we went! They gave us a bank statement, but said we needed to go to their branch in another part of town for the official stamp and signature. We were able to do that, and also took in the old deed to a notary so they could get us an up-to-date deed. Unfortunately, this process takes at least several hours, and we only had another hour or so to turn in our documents. Also, Thursday is the only day the immigration office accepts documents for residence permits, so if a recent land deed was needed, we would have to wait until next Thursday to take in all of our documents again.

We decided to go and take the documents we had, including the bank statement with stamp and signature, back into the immigration office. Praise the Lord, nothing more was said about the deed, and there was no problem with the bank statement, even though I don't really use my account here, and there certainly isn't much proof of income in it! :o) They accepted all the documents, and we went into the back room to get Kristy's picture taken, and that was that! Well, so we thought. About half an hour after we left, they called and said that I needed to pay an additional consular tax at the bank they use and bring them the receipt. So, we went to the bank, paid the tax, and brought the receipt to the immigration office. Everything seems to be fine and in order, and they said we can pick up Kristy's residence permit in one month! We are praising the Lord for this answer to prayer, and pray that we will be able to pick up Kristy's residence permit next month with no problems! Thank you so much for your prayers!

Jonathan and Kristy

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