Saturday, April 19, 2014

welcome! (part 3)

The next room I'm going to show you is the kitchen.  I love my house and each room in it, but the kitchen is probably my favorite.


One thing my kitchen has is LOTS of drawers!
Sometimes we have a hard time finding things.  :)

The cupboards, oven, and stove-top are secondhand,
but they fit perfectly in our kitchen.
I love the wood stove in the kitchen.  It toasts bread beautifully and is very helpful for melting butter, not to mention that it keeps us warm in the cool weather!

melting butter and coconut oil
Doesn't that look cozy?
The kitchen pictures were taken before we put the plants in there.  Jonathan had the jade plant and the ginseng tree before we were married, and we recently got the orchid.  Often houses here will have an orchid along with several other plants in a front window.  I love orchids, and since they happened to be on sale the other day, I figured we should get one - you know, just to fit in with the culture around us.  :)

This pot belonged to one of my ancestors.
I really like how it looks in our kitchen!
And just as a side note, this little critter was on our front walk the other day.  :)

Thanks for visiting us today!  Stay tuned for more tours...


  1. You have made a wonderful transformation to your home. Liz, Nancy and I continue to uphold you in our prayers. And they said to tell you hello.

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon! Please tell Liz and Nancy hello from us, too!

  2. It is beautiful and charming all at once!


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