Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jonathan and Kristy's April Prayer Letter

It is hard to believe that another month has come and gone. April was an eventful month full of busyness and blessings!

Thank you for your prayers for Kristy’s residence permit. We have received no further phone calls about it, and by all indications, we will be able to pick up the permit within the next few days. Wednesday, April 30th, I heard a police car horn close to our house (it has a distinct sound here). I looked out the window, and there was a police car outside, and a police officer was walking toward our gate. I went out as he rang the bell, and he asked if Kristen Heisey lives here. Apparently, he had received a paper from the head guy from immigration, and wanted to see Kristy’s residence card and make sure she lives here. I told him that the card will be ready in a few days. I’m assuming she will have to register with the police at that point as I had to when I moved to Mosnita (Moesh-neetsa). He recommended we get an alarm system for our house in case we are gone, as there have been break-ins in the area, and they have been having trouble catching the thieves. We would appreciate your prayers that God would protect our home.

A few weeks ago, Kristy began taking language lessons twice a week. Although they are difficult, and the homework takes several hours to complete, the lessons are going well. Please pray for Kristy as she learns Romanian.

The beginning of April, we had evangelist Bill Smith to our church for a special service. A group from theTylers’ church came as well and did some special music. We were able to have this service outside, and several visitors came. One young lady made sure of her salvation. It was encouraging to see Rebeca come as well. She came to the service last Tuesday also. Thank you for praying for her, and please continue to keep her in your prayers. The other week, Alin (Ah-leen), Mariana’s saved son, came for the first time in a while. He came with his cousin, Ion (Yone), who was visiting from out of the country. This Ion got saved in our church several years ago and used to come very faithfully. It was encouraging that he made the effort to come to church while he was in Romania, and he even talked about wanting to move back to Romania and come to the church.

Our pastor, Keith Sweitzer, and his wife and two youngest children came to Romania on a missions trip. They were a great encouragement to us and to the people in our ministries. It was a privilege to have our pastor preach to our Gypsies, and we enjoyed sweet times of fellowship with the Sweitzers.

Ion (Yone) has not been feeling well lately, but he continues to attend the reading classes faithfully. It is exciting to see him recognizing words. He also helps out with getting things ready for services at the church building. Thank you for your prayers for his salvation. It is our hope that he will get saved and be able to read the Bible in Romanian.

Last Sunday, there were several teens outside before the service. We talked for a bit, and a bunch of them came to the teen class. It was exciting to see them listening and participating in the lesson, and even answering review questions at the end. They were pretty well-behaved, which was a blessing. Gugu, the unsaved boy that had the brain tumor, was there as well. Next week, we are planning to have a teen boys’ activity. Please be praying that it will go well, and that the Lord will work in their hearts.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We appreciate you and are blessed to have you behind us as we serve the Lord among the Gypsies in Romania!

Serving Him,
Jonathan and Kristy Heisey

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