Saturday, May 10, 2014

a date downtown

Last week Jonathan and I went downtown.  We're downtown fairly regularly for errands, but this time we decided to go down just for fun.  We took the bus into the city, and then caught a tram down to the center.

Our first stop was the cathedral.  I had never been inside before, so we popped in for a couple minutes and to take a few pictures.  I was expecting it to be bright and beautiful, and while the architecture and artwork were lovely, the interior was quite dark and dismal.  We didn't linger long, as it was a rather hopeless and depressing place!  Perhaps it was just a picture of the darkness of men's hearts who put their trust in empty rituals instead of in Christ's gift of salvation.

Next we made our way along the Bega Canal on our way to Parcul Rozelor.  It was too early for many of the roses to be out yet, but the park was still lovely.  And we did see a few roses peaking out!

Unfortunately, the clouds began to darken while we were in the park, and it began to sprinkle.  We walked back towards the center and ducked into a couple stores to avoid getting too wet.  In spite of the rain, we still had a lovely time in downtown Timisoara!

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