Saturday, May 31, 2014

welcome! (part 4)

There are still a few rooms in our house that I haven't shown you.  Today I'm going to show you the one room in our house that was pretty much finished before Jonathan bought it.

Our bathroom is huge!  It's actually the same size as our kitchen, believe it or not!  It's plenty big enough to double as a laundry room.

The only things in the bathroom when Jonathan bought the house were the tub, shower, and hot water heater.  The room had already been tiled, as well.  Thankfully the toilet and sink were installed before I got here!

Just last week we were given a dryer by another missionary family who is changing fields.  What a blessing it has already been!  Strangely enough, the dryer is about 1 inch too big to fit through our bathroom door, though Florin thinks he can take the front off and get it through.  If we can get it into the bathroom, it will go between the tub and the water heater.  But for now we are keeping it in the unfinished room.  It has been great to shrink our clothes back to size and have soft towels again!

Jonathan also finished the ceiling, which was just cement before.  I love the tiles and light fixture he chose!  They really compliment the fun nature of the room.

I've always liked dolphins, though I don't know that I would have necessarily chosen them for my bathroom.  Nonetheless, they do give the room a fun and interesting touch.  Can you guess how many dolphins are in the room?

Don't forget this guy!  He cracks me up!

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