Friday, September 12, 2014

cherries, peaches, plums, and apples

One of the things our yard is blessed with is lots of fruit trees!  There are four little sour cherry trees in our yard.  Technically only three of them are on our property, but since we haven't put up a new fence yet marking the boundary lines, and since the neighbor doesn't really want them, we helped ourselves to the fourth tree, too.

in bloom
getting ripe!
We not only made cherry pies, we also enjoyed eating them fresh and freezing them for future use.  My father-in-law was especially grateful for the ones we shared with them, too.  :)  Yum!

We also have two peach trees - one small and one big.  Aren't the blossoms beautiful?

These two trees have yielded quite a number of white peaches so far this summer.  They're not the prettiest peaches you've ever seen, but they have great flavor, a light fuzz, and are easy to pit.  We've frozen a couple of gallon-sized bags of them already, and there are still more on the trees.

We also have two plum trees.  We had a third one, but half of it came down in a storm earlier this summer.  It was right outside the back door, too, which wasn't very convenient, so we just decided to take it down since there wasn't much left to it anyway.  Although we didn't get an abundance of plums this year, normally the trees are laden with them.  (I'm afraid I didn't get a picture of the fruit... the blossoms will have to suffice this year!)

We also have an apple tree and a pear tree.  The pear tree is rather small and is kind of shadowed by the big peach tree, so it is not producing very much.  There are a few pears on it, though, which will hopefully be ripe in another few days.  Unfortunately, a frost killed all but five of the apples, and only one of those lasted very long.  It finally fell off a month or so ago.  We did try a bite of it, and though it wasn't ripe yet, it was still good.  Hopefully next year the tree will have a better yield.

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