Saturday, September 6, 2014


Last week there was a fire next door.  It was a planned fire, but a fire nonetheless.  Here the villagers will often burn their fields after they have harvested their crops.  Earlier this year this field behind our neighbors' house was full of golden wheat.  Last week it was a raging fire.

the field on June 21st

I took these pictures from the kitchen window.  You can see how close the fire was to us!  Our property ends at the tall grasses, and our lawn was thankfully short enough that the fire wasn't tempted to come into our yard.  However, Geta did have to go over and beat out a little that was beginning to kindle the grasses on the property behind ours.  I was a little nervous... just about the time they started burning, the wind picked up and was blowing quite strongly.  But the Lord took care of everything.  I am glad that it's over for another year, though!

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