Wednesday, September 3, 2014

welcome! (part 5)

I never did finish showing you around our house.  There is just one finished room left to show: the bedroom!


how the previous owner had it

This little wood stove heats the room up in no time!

The quilt was a wedding gift from my
coworkers at The Quilt Company.  We love it!
The afghan was a wedding present from my aunt.
It matches our house beautifully!
We love the underside of our quilt, too!
It has great colors for the summer.

We have one other room on the main floor that is not yet finished.  Someday we hope to make it a guestroom so that you can come visit!  :)  The exterior is almost completed...  Lord-willing, I will post pictures of it soon!


  1. Beautiful! I love your furniture - that would go for a nice sum here. Is it old?
    I like thinking of you having pretty things all around! And that includes the quilt and afghan, a little piece of home :-)

    1. Thanks! Jonathan got it about 15 years ago from their former landlord's aunt. It is old, and was rather scratched and beat up, but Jonathan refinished it. We love it. :-)


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