Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jonathan and Kristy's August Prayer Letter


August has brought beautiful weather to Mosnita (Moesh-neetsa), and there have been plenty of opportunities for having church services outside, as well as walking around and visiting with people.

Ion (Yone), Mariana’s unsaved husband, seems to be enjoying reading a bit more than he had. He doesn’t have much motivation to learn, as he doesn’t really see what he could be reading. But I hope that he will get saved soon, and be able to read the Bible! The reading classes are often a time when we can sit and chat and even talk about spiritual things. Please pray that God will work in Ion’s heart.

A few teens have been coming to the church services. Larisa, my younger sister, was able to talk to one of the teen girls in depth about salvation. She and her mother seem open, but are afraid to get saved because of what others might say or do to them. Please pray for Mirabela and Steaua (Ste-owwa). Kristy was able to teach one of the teen classes this month, as there were just girls. Please pray for us as we try to reach out to these young people.

One evening, we had a Romanian pastor and his wife come to our service. Brother Remus (Reh-moose) had an excellent message, and many people came to that service and heard the Word.

The Gypsies here have been hearing the Gospel preached to them clearly, not just at church, but also from us going to them and talking to them. A few months ago, we started praying daily for each one in that area of the village by name. The Lord is working, trying to break their hardened hearts and get their attention. A day or two after my dad talked very directly about salvation to Michi (Mickey, the village drunk), he basically lost his mind and went crazy. He was in a mental hospital for several days, but is now back home and seems to be OK. Gicu (Gee-cu), who often came to the reading classes, got very upset at Lili (Mariana’s daughter whom he lives with). We are still not sure why he was upset, but it was nothing major in any case. He beat her so badly that he broke one of her ribs which ruptured her spleen. She had to have emergency surgery and have her spleen removed. They have four little children. Lili made a profession of faith many years ago, but never really showed any fruit. Please pray for Lili and Gicu.

Occasionally, Rebeca, one of the saved teen girls, will spend time with Larisa, and they will come to our house to visit. With the nice weather, the other day, we were able to ride our bikes with them to the forest behind our house. We hope that spending time like this with them will help strengthen our relationships and allow us to minister more effectively.

Some missionary friends of ours from Serbia are here visiting for a few days. We celebrated my 29th birthday (August 31st) with them, and have been enjoying fellowship with them. Also, a few weeks ago, we were able to spend a few days with my parents, and Aunt and cousin from the States. We visited two castles several hours away, and it was a nice time of refreshment.

On Thursday, my dad will leave for a three week missions trip to India. Also on Thursday, our co-workers, the Freels, will be leaving to go to the States for a few months on furlough. Please pray for the Lord’s help as I will be preaching for my dad, and we will have many extra responsibilities.

Thank you so much for your prayers and for your part in the Lord’s work among the Gypsies in Romania!

Serving Him,
Jonathan and Kristy Heisey

P.S. Enjoy the attached picture of Rebeca and Larisa on our trip to the forest!

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